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Where to Find Halloween Treats (and No Tricks) Around Dallas

Dallas bakers are getting ghoulish with baked goods this spooky season. Forget bear claws; we’re having werewolf claws for breakfast. Pumpkin lollipops will be at the peak of our fall nutritional pyramid—pumpkin spice everything is, of course, the foundational layer. Candy skulls, monstrous macarons, and...creepy chocolate babies? Sure, okay, we can get down with all that.  

CocoAndré Chocolatier and Horchateria 

The Bishop Arts sweets café has its classic lineup of chocolatey treats: mini jack-o-lanterns, witch hat lollipops, dark-winged bats, ghosts, and owls. 

Kate Weiser Chocolate 

The chocolatier pulls absolutely zero punches when it comes to her Halloween candy collection. Snag a box of eyeball truffles or a slab of “butterfingers,” which are, ahem, delightfully shaped as actual fingers. The pumpkin pie candy bar may also be calling your name. 

Oct. 28, 7 p.m. | Live Virtual Halloween Tasting: Arrive (virtually) in full costume for this taste-off and demo hosted by Kate Weiser. The session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes and includes a six-piece box of bonbons (three spooky eyes, three regular), a tasting sheet for notes, and more candy. 

La Casita Bakeshop 

Witches’ fingers, werewolf claws—no these aren’t ingredients for an old crone’s potion but some of what you’ll find on La Casita’s seasonal menu. The Richardson bakery has its usual slate of airy pastries, but baker-owner Maricsa Trejo is a wizard when it comes to her Halloween edition treats. Candy-topped cruffins, chocolate chip hazelnut tart topped with little ghosts, a cherry hand pie with oozing crimson filling, chocolate zombie cake, and lots more. Orders open on Wednesdays for weekend pickups. 

Bisous Bisous Patisserie 

Pumpkin spice and everything nice, including blood orange macarons and actual pumpkin spice macarons. If you love creature features, get in on this monster of Frankenstein macaron. For the classic fall favorites, there’s always chocolate Texas pecan tarts to sweeten the season. 

Dude, Sweet Chocolate 

What’s better than a candy skull, you ask? A giant, glittery three-and-a-half-pound skull made with South American chocolate. Except that it’s since sold out. But wait, there’s more skulls! You can still delight in Japanese sweet potato butterscotch skulls ($6 for two). For $45, get yourself a Big-Ass Brain! Which is to say, a human-size brain that’s made of 72 percent Ecuadorian dark chocolate and filled with Dude, Sweet cocoa puffs and chubby nuts (honestly a lot more going on in there than other brains I’ve encountered). These are limited, so don’t wait if you’ve got chocolate on the brain. For something that is somehow creepier than edible brains, the Talky Tina ($18) is a baby head made of chocolate (we can’t confirm its speech aptitude). For more cacao-fueled oddities, head to Dude, Sweet Chocolate’s website or its Bishop Arts District shop (408 W. Eighth St., #102, Bishop Arts).

Rae’s Dallas

If your costumed kiddos are ready for a baking project, head to this Park Cities bakery for Halloween-themed cookie decorating kits. Each kit ($35) comes with nine cookies (three of each: pumpkins, ghosts, candy corns), three bags of icing, and three decorative sugar packets. Boxes will be available October 18–30. Contact the shop to reserve yours. 


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