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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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2023 STATUS List – Honorees in health, medicine and life sciences

There’s never been a better time to recognize standout individuals in health, medicine, and science. Although there are countless contenders to choose from, we’ve selected just 46 — an homage to the number of chromosomes in human DNA.

Many on the STATUS List are well-known as leaders and influencers in areas like biotechnology and public health; others are largely unheralded heroes. But all have compelling stories to tell. 

There is no easy prescription for assembling this list. As part of a months-long process, STAT leaned on its seasoned editorial team to research and identify hundreds of finalists who made noteworthy contributions to their fields over the past year. Then a panel of STAT reporters and editors winnowed the list down, placing special emphasis on people who have sought to help others and build community in these often-divisive times.

We think the result is a list as diverse as it is fascinating. We hope you agree.



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