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Thursday, December 8, 2022
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905 connection of Matt Morgan and Eric Khoury shines, final Las Vegas notes and more – The Athletic

With increasing momentum for the Raptors to return home to Toronto for the 2021-22 season, the organization appears to have thought, “Hey, let’s run back the Tampa vibes one last time.”

Thankfully, the Summer League roster being wiped out for their final game in Las Vegas was a matter of choice and not league protocol. Still, it was quite a roster the team handed Eric Khoury, who stepped into the head coaching role for the first time in his career. Khoury, who has a fascinating backstory, is returning to the NBA bench behind Nick Nurse this coming season. Taking the reins from Raptors 905 head coach Patrick Mutombo in Summer League is a way to get Khoury some additional experience, something the Raptors have used Las Vegas for plenty in the past.

Unfortunately for Khoury, we have nits to pick with his rotations. Namely, his choice — unilateral, I am sure — to rest the team’s four primary players and, with two players also out, run with a depth chart of just nine. As many joked on Twitter before the game, it was one last glimpse at the “tanking” Raptors, just with a Las Vegas twist. There’s a counting cards joke that I can’t find here, mostly because I’m now a roulette guy (against the math!) after a strong turn in Las Vegas myself.

Anyway, there was a game against Brooklyn, which the Raptors won 86-72.

Khoury’s bid for a 1-0 record was given a big boost by a player he knows well in Matt Morgan. After two years with Raptors 905 together, there is a level of trust and connectedness between player and coach.


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