Airbnb host in Dallas denies same-sex couple


FILE – The Airbnb app icon is displayed on an iPad screen. Airbnbs can be an affordable alternative to hotels, particularly for longer stays, large groups and for people who need a washer and dryer or kitchen. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

Last week, NBC Channel 5 reported that a same-sex couple visiting Dallas for a wedding was denied their AirbnbA reservation. The site launched an investigation into the host as they company stated they have a strict non-discrimination policy.

The exchange between the guest and host went like this:

According to reporters Jacob Reyes and Candace Sweat, the couple was soon rejected after this messaging.

From NBC:

“I was shocked for sure, but I am also somewhat used to having to hide certain parts of myself to calm conservative folks’ reactions to my identities,” Kimberlin told NBC 5. “I wasn’t completely surprised, more so disappointed.”

After Kimberlin posted the exchange on social media, readers called on the company to take action. In a statement to NBC 5, Airbnb said the host had been suspended from the platform as they launch an investigation into the matter. Additionally, Airbnb reached out to the guests impacted.

“We enforce a strict nondiscrimination policy, and when a potential violation of this policy is brought to our attention, we investigate and take action, up to removal from our community,” the company said in a statement.

Later in the piece, the host only known as “Pete” stated that he declined the two not based on their orientation, but that he felt concerned for his safety.

Read and watch NBC’s report here.

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