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Friday, September 30, 2022
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Being called the best comedy club is even more impressive when the club in question does only improv. Four Day Weekend, however, is not just a place where people who’ve never done comedy take a class and get shoved on stage at the end of the term. Four Day Weekend is a Dallas and Fort Worth comedy institution with costumes, interactive media and some very talented people who helped the theater reach its 25th year in 2022. The on-the-spot comedy troupe was one of the first to bring professional, improvised comedy to DFW, starting in Fort Worth and later Dallas. Founding members David Wilk, Frank Ford, David Ahearn and Troy Grant opened their show with a run at the Casa Mañana theater before moving to a massive, underutilized space on Fort Worth’s Sundance Square and opening a second location in Dallas across from the Truck Yard in Lowest Greenville. The foursome and other cast members created characters in their shows, film shorts, TV pilots and outdoor spectacles that are now staples of the core cast’s weekend performances. Both theaters still attract loud, responsive and entertained crowds who sell out the place almost every night.


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