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Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Brock Purdy-led 49ers vault to No. 2; surging Lions crack top 10!

The top 10 is getting weird again.

It’s been a chaotic campaign in the upper reaches of the NFL Power Rankings, where only a few teams have managed to maintain top-10 residence for the duration of the season. A year that began with the likes of the Rams, Bucs, Packers and Broncos in the Power Rankings’ version of first class has shifted in surprising ways and made way for erstwhile have-nots like the Jets, Giants, Dolphins — and now even the Lions.

And so, while I continue to have faith (to varying degrees) in the Stacked Six — Eagles, 49ers, Bengals, Bills, Chiefs, Cowboys — the back end of the top 10 has turned into a revolving door of mystery and intrigue.

Who will be the next team to crash this wine-and-cheese party? Stay tuned.


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