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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Broncos can’t wait until next year to trade for quarterback Aaron Rodgers – The Denver Post

I don’t usually get this angry, Kiz. But you’re nuts in your assessment of Aaron Rodgers. He is not an aging prima donna: He has had few targets, no protection and a shaky running game most of his career. You obviously missed the comeback when Rodgers hopped around on one leg to beat the Bears in 2018. He takes any teammate that wishes to join him to the Kentucky Derby on his tab. It can’t get better than that.

— Kathy

Kiz: Call me picky. But I want Rodgers in Denver on my terms, not when Green Bay is good and ready to let him go. If the Broncos can get him in the huddle this season, I’m all for it. But if Rodgers’ next move in his showdown with Green Bay is retirement and the Packers stubbornly refuse to trade him until 2022, I’d be hesitant to ship away multiple draft picks for a QB that turns 38 years old in December.

Peyton Manning doesn’t need to take a job with the Broncos. But we need him. Manning has a lot of business options.  What the Broncos don’t need is a half-hearted, part-time effort from Manning. He’s either got to be all-in for Denver, or he isn’t an option.

— Frank, Arvada

Kiz: I’m not certain if Manning wants to be the president of a football franchise. But if he took an ownership stake in the Broncos, I’d guarantee PFM would be all-in in his commitment to winning.

Why isn’t Colorado State on the list of prospective new members in the Big 12 Conference, if Texas and Oklahoma move to the SEC?  The Rams have a new football stadium.

— Jerry, proud to be …

Kiz: While the new stadium on campus is fine and dandy, I tried to warn CSU faithful that spending $220 million on it was no guarantee that hefty expenditure would land the football program in a Power 5 conference. Houston and Central Florida have more appeal as prospective members of the Big 12 because the Cougars represent a larger TV market than Fort Collins and the new CSU stadium attracted barely half as many fans as the UCF Knights did for home games in 2019, the last season prior to the pandemic.

Your line in the column about the Olympic spirit being all about bending the rules already wins a gold medal for truth, despite thousands of barrels of ink yet to be spilled in coverage of the Games. To avoid trouble with the authorities cracking down on visitors that violate socially distancing protocols, don’t do anything we would do in Tokyo, Kiz. And whatever you do, don’t post three sheets to the wind karaoke video until you’re back home in Colorado.

— Mike, always pitch perfect

Kiz: I can assure you that I never, ever sing karaoke … well, not unless the DJ gives me the beat and frees my soul by playing “Drift Away” by Dobie Gray. Then I can’t help myself.

And today’s parting shot takes umbrage with me mentioning the issues that have plagued the Bad Luck Games in Japan.

You’re a dud, Kiz. Not sure why you are even at the Olympics. Sad.

— Tom, a real firecracker


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