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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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CandysDirt.com Publisher Candace Evans is Running For Dallas City Council’s District 11

At the last moment, CandysDirt.com publisher Candace Evans entered the District 11 race against Jaynie Schultz.

Evans said she only decided to run this week after reading about the fire at Valley View mall last Friday. She told no one, not even her staff, about her decision.

“I just cannot stand to see the waste at Valley View and Schultz has been making some very bad decisions,” said Evans. “She is voting for what Jaynie wants, not what District 11 wants and needs. I intend to hold her feet to the fire.”

Evans is the founder and publisher of CandysDirt.com, a board trustee at Preservation Dallas, The USA Film Festival, and on the Board of Directors at Braemar Hotels and Resorts.

This is her third time running for the District 11 seat, after two attempts — one in 2017 against then-Councilman Lee Kleinman, and in 2021 when the seat was open.

“How many times did Abraham Lincoln run? “ she told me.



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