CandysDirt Gives a View From The Top at Bleu Ciel Luxury Market Trends Event


The room was abuzz with luxury and style last week for the “Trends in the Luxury Real Estate Market” event hosted by and Bleu Ciel in the heart of the Harwood District of Dallas — I think. I was greeting any latecomers and waving at resident dogs in the Bleu Ciel lobby.

A recap of the luxury trend insights we got from our panel of architects, designers, gallery directors, and luxury real estate agents is what the boss assigned me. But instead, I’ll deliver the recap of what really went on in this brief personal essay. If you want to skip my tale, feel free to scroll to the bottom for the fete set photo gallery.

On this sunny Tuesday happy hour in May, we gathered at the luxury sky-rise tower Bleu Ciel in the Harwood District to hear what’s hot in luxury real estate from our esteemed panel of experts — Bleu Ciel Director of Sales Allison Hayden, Markowicz Fine Art Gallery Director Carolyn Tanner, designer Nikki Klugh, architect Lloyd Lumpkins, and Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate luxury agent Laura Michelle. publisher Candy Evans moderated the panel discussion.

You see, with warmer weather comes’s own version of gala season in Dallas — CandysDirt Staff Parties. Our team of real estate news writers and editors log out of our proverbial virtual newsroom and step into the real world for these invitation-only affairs we co-host with partner sponsors like Bleu Ciel, Trinity Falls, and High Hill Farm and Development, to name a few recent.

The purpose is to connect our readers with the people, places, and things that are getting Dallas talking. At the Bleu Ciel, the prosecco got me talking.

The panel offered great insight into luxury design, high-rise sales trends, and many more things that I could tell you about if I hadn’t been at the back of the room with my fellow team popping hush puppy-like hors d’oeuvres like they were dinner. (They were.) It’s funny how much you bond with co-workers that you only see online, and some of whom you’ve never met in person before that night. team, shown clockwise from back, Karen Eubank, Shelby Skrhak, Mimi Perez, Brenda Massey, and Jo England.

I can tell you the surprise highlight of the night — a trip up the Bleu Ciel elevator to the 31st floor. Here’s where the party began. Not in a Beer Pong sense, but rather a jaw-drop comradery for our surroundings. The Bleu Ciel team opened the door to that sky-rise three-bedroom and we let out a collective, “Wow.”

I made my way to the massive wraparound balcony for sunset pictures and a sneaky selfie. That’s when an adorable gal in a gray form-fitting dress called out, “No, let me do that for you.” Soon, the self-conscious selfie became a group clinic on selfie-taking. “High angle. Turn the camera. Point your feet here and turn your body slightly.”

I got the selfie I didn’t know I was capable of.

Then touring the gorgeous home, I could hear the questions in hushed tones. “How much do you think this unit goes for?” I’ll be completely honest here. It was nice not having to pretend you had several million ready to plop down, but instead, you could tour this home like regular people in awe that a view like this exists. That all that separates you from the 31st floor great beyond is a short glass balcony railing. That this is actually Dallas.

And that’s what really happened at this Staff Party event at Bleu Ciel last week.

The Fete Set

Now as promised, here are some snaps of our party guests.

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