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Friday, December 9, 2022
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City of Dallas activates hotline to report illegal dumping

The city’s Code Enforcement team is urging residents to call 214-671-CODE to report illegal dumping.

DALLAS — The City of Dallas is launching a new hotline where residents can report illegal dumping.

The Code Compliance recently activated the illegal dumping hotline. Residents calling 214-671-CODE can report the nuisance, get answers to questions, and address concerns.

“It’s very serious, and it’s really significant,” said Carl Simpson, Director of Code Services for the City of Dallas.

Illegal dumping is a nuisance in neighborhoods across the City of Dallas. The mess keeps some neighbors annoyed. Cleaning the trash and eyesores keeps the city’s Nuisance Abatement Team busy.

“We stay busy all day long. Every day,” said Gary Jones, a crew leader on the Nuisance Abatement Team.

The Code Enforcement team is working on proactive strategies to address neighborhood challenges like illegal dumping.

“I can’t emphasize enough to the residents how important it is for us to try to be very aggressive as it relates to this type of behavior,” Simpson said.

The new hotline will allow residents to speak directly with a member of the Code Enforcement team. Workers say the hotline will help the office streamline reports and respond more efficiently.

“The hotline is not to circumvent 311, but to give our residents a faster avenue to being able to turn in complaints, so that we can turn around the pick-up time much quicker than we did, maybe in the past,” Simpson added.

City of Dallas Code Enforcement is also being proactive with 31 additional officers. It’s adding 60 more surveillance cameras in illegal dumping hot spots, and posting new signage and digital messaging boards in efforts to help crack down on dumping.

“Our strategy is to try to be responsive, be quick, and get this stuff removed as quickly as possible,” Simpson said.

The team hopes the new illegal dumping hotline, 214-671-CODE, will help in knocking out the ongoing neighborhood nuisance and in identifying the culprits behind the issue.


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