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Dallas brews a slew of new Asian tea shops and more restaurant news

This roundup of restaurant news around Dallas quenches the thirst for those in search of tea. So many Asian tea shops are opening these days, from locally-owned startups to outlets of international chains. There’s also some new products introduced by major national chains, and a vegan burger deal you won’t want to miss.

Here’s what’s happening in Dallas restaurant news:

Toridori is a new family-owned bubble tea shop in Carrollton, at 4070 SH-121 #340 (corner of building 3, next to Dami) that does way more than your usual bubble tea shop. For starters, it has a selection of alcoholic boba teas and coffee drinks such as the Lucky Rabbit with vanilla bourbon whiskey, rumchata, and melon cream soda; and Maxim Tiger Sugar with coffee, coffee liqueur, and cognac. They have a substantial food offering as well, including Korean fried chicken, wings, fried rice, and kimchi fries. All matcha drinks drinks are made with ceremonial-grade matcha, and their milky teas are made with choice of regular milk or oat milk, opening them to an entire audience of nondairy customers.

Bubble Bee Tea is a cozy new family-owned tea shop in Carrollton, at 2425 W. Parker Rd. with lots of options for food and drink. The menu includes not just the usual slate of tea drinks, but also rainbow popping boba (seen in the photo above), slushies, plus serious food items including Chinese pancakes, potstickers, dan bing (Taiwanese egg pancakes), and youtiao (like a Chinese version of a cruller).

House of Boba is a new shop in Sachse that’s passionate about bringing the best of Asian tea culture, with a mission to provide a unique and elevated tea experience for tea lovers of all kinds, featuring fresh brewed tea, espresso, boba drinks, and smoothies. They opened in February at 4325 Miles Rd. #108.

TP Tea is a new boba spot now open in Frisco at 9188 Prestmont Pl. #106. The chain was founded in Taiwan (“TP” is short for Taiwan Professional Tea) in 2005 and came to the U.S. in 2018. They’re a drive-thru concept, so yay for single-serving disposable plastic cups, and opened their first DFW location in Richardson’s Chinatown at 400 N. Greenville Ave. #14 in 2022. They have an expansive menu of fruity, authentic, and intriguing drink options such as the Pink Salt Crema Mango Tea, Red Bean Latte, and Passion Fruit Green Tea with Aloe.

Veritas Wine Room the Henderson Avenue wine bar from brothers Brooks and Bradley Anderson, is not closing after all. On a Facebook post, they said they were thrilled to announce they would be staying open after all, despite announcing in January that they’d be closing. “We have unexpectedly reached an agreement with our landlords that allows us to continue doing what we love to do – serving the Dallas wine community. We are as surprised as you are!” Surprised is the word.

Project Pollo, known for its vegan chicken sandwiches, has relaunched its burger offering. The San Antonio-based concept first introduced their vegan burgers made with Impossible beef on a limited basis in 2021, but stopped selling them due to supply chain issues and a dramatic increase in manufacture cost. They’ve now secured a reliable vendor and are celebrating with a special featuring two burgers for $14, available only in limited supply and locations – including the Dallas store at 4814 Greenville Ave. where they’ll be offering the special on March 17.

Chipotle has launched Chicken al Pastor, a new chicken option featuring sweet and spicy notes of adobo, morita peppers, ground achiote, pineapple, and lime. It’ll be available for a limited-time worldwide, how long that time is, they do not say.

It’s a cinnamon roll inside a doughnut.Salty Donut

Crossbuck BBQ in Farmers Branch is featuring a special smoked fish every Friday during Lent, in addition to smoked citrus glazed salmon that is on the menu every day. So don’t think they only have meat, OK.

McDonald’s is giving its Crispy Chicken Sandwich a Mc-Name: McCrispy. They introduced the sandwich in 2021 and are now adding it to their revered stable of “Mc”-named items such as McNuggets, McMuffin sandwiches, and McFlurry desserts. For a limited time, they’re rolling out two McCrispy sandwiches: Bacon Ranch McCrispy, with a crinkle-cut pickle, and the Bacon Ranch Deluxe McCrispy, with tomato and shredded lettuce. How long that limited time is, they do not say.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar has new menu items including scallops, pork rib chop, strawberry fennel salad, crispy maitake mushroom steak topping, and olive oil cake with berries, plus a new espresso martini and the Scarlet Clover with gin, sherry, lemon juice, and strawberry.

Cinnaholic has three new offerings for spring, available March 21–June 19: Lemon Icebox Pie Roll with lemon frosting lemon zest, and pie crumble; Coconut Cream Pie Roll with French vanilla frosting, coconut custard, graham cookies and pie crumble; and Lemonberry Coffee Cake filled with lemon juice and fresh blueberries, topped with streusel, and lemon glaze. Lemony.

The Salty Donut is launching a limited-time special Sticky Bun Donut, a sticky bun wrapped in brioche dough, stuffed with cinnamon roll cream cheese frosting, sticky bun caramel glaze, and topped with cinnamon crunch pieces. (See photo above.) It’ll be officially available March 24-26, but with a one-day preview on March 23 exclusively on The Salty App.

Yogurtland has refreshing new spring flavors including Strawberry, Alphonso Mango Tart, and Dark Chocolate Orange. New toppings include seasonal fresh fruit, popping boba, mochi, and limited-edition rainbow nerds. Their March specials include Lucky Irish Mint Frozen Yogurt, made with real mint; and a colorful Rainbow Nerds topping. The self-serve froyo chain has a dozen locations around DFW.

Bread Winners Café & Bakery has expanded the hours of their Inwood Village location. Previously closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, they’re now open seven days a week, 8 am-3 pm.

Blue Bell ex-CEO Paul Kruse pleaded guilty for introducing listeria-contaminated ice cream products to customers in 2015. He pleaded to a misdemeanor charge over food safety violations and will pay a $100,000 fine. Unfortunately, he’ll do no jail time. He entered the plea following a mistrial last year, just as a second jury trial was about to begin on April 10. Kruse was accused of conspiracy and fraud for suppressing information about a listeriosis outbreak in 2015 in which 10 people were sickened and three died.



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