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Friday, December 9, 2022
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Dallas brings in outside help to fix fubar’d building permit situation

Dallas has brought in an outsider to help clean up the department that issues construction permits, which has been plagued by backlogs and delays.

According to a release, Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax has appointed William G. Mundinger II to serve as “Executive in Residence” for the Department of Sustainable Development and Construction.

He’ll report to Dr. Eric A. Johnson, Chief of Economic Development and Neighborhood Services, where he’ll work on a reorganization of the department.

The city’s building and permitting process is critical, and industry veterans such as Phil Crone, executive officer of the Dallas Builder’s Association, have raised alarms about a backlog, with hundreds of building permits stuck in review, and an average wait time to get a permit running at five weeks or longer. Former department head Kris Sweckard has been reassigned, and Johnson was managing in the interim.

Broadnax says in a statement that Mundinger has “decades of expertise” to lend to this transition.

“His determination, dedication to the City of Dallas, and passion for problem-solving will prove to be beneficial as we navigate through this reorganization and chart a new course for Sustainable Development and Construction,” Broadnax says.

The release describes Mundinger as being adept at convening partners and identifying strategies, solutions, and implementation plans for complex problems in all aspects of the development process, across all types of properties and projects.

Mundinger was previously National Director of Development, Environmental, and Construction Services at Goldman Sachs, where he oversaw services in Dallas, the East and West Coasts, and internationally.

When the City Council approved the Economic Development Policy, they established a one-year transition period to develop the infrastructure and processes that will lead to a successful Policy implementation.

Mundinger will oversee a strategy that includes

  • organizational restructuring

  • connecting and communicating with the development community

  • examining process issues

  • making recommendations for change.

He’ll start on August 16.

“When we brought the Economic Development Policy to the City Council in May 2021, we made it clear that we were serious about developing a path towards meaningful change,” says Dr. Johnson in a statement. “Will Mundinger’s appointment demonstrates that we are on that path and moving thoughtfully but quickly.”


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