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Dallas County Monkeypox deaths: 2 reported

The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed two men died related to Mpox in November and December.

DALLAS COUNTY, Texas — Dallas County officials announced Tuesday that there have been two deaths related to Mpox

Dr. Philip Huang, director of Dallas County Health and Human Services,said the two deaths were just confirmed by the medical examiner’s office. Both of the people who died, men, died in November and December. 

Huang said both of them had other severe underlying health conditions, significant enough that they were hospitalized. 

There are no details at this time as to when or where they contracted it. 

While Mpox contributed to the deaths, it was not necessarily the cause of death


As of Tuesday, Dec. 19, Dallas County had reported 851 confirmed cases (839 male, 12 female).

Two Mpox testing sites in Dallas at the moment are Parkland Hospital and Prism Health. Parkland Hospital is for Parkland patients only. Those seeking testing are told to call the provider first as they mave have directions or require appointments. Patients should wear a mask, long pants and a long sleeve shirt when arriving for testing. 

Parkland Hospital can be reached at 214-590-8000 and Prism Health can be reached at 214-623-6830.

The CDC isn’t recommending routine immunization agaisnt Mpox for the general public. It’s only available to people with the highest potential exposure to Mpox at this time. 

For more information about Mpox, vaccine and testing sites click here.


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