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Dallas Designers Embrace Technology to Build Homes Outside The Box

Architectural design exists in a perpetual state of progress, and two Dallas designers are already leveraging state-of-the-art tools to create incredible experiences even before construction.

Design Through a Whole New Lens

At just 23 years old, Ori Matisse Evans is an accomplished cinematographer and Experience Designer at VLK Architects of North Texas. With a background in film and photography, he leverages a unique perspective and unorthodox toolset to bring design projects to life.  

“My job is to take what the client expects to see and make it beautiful for them to experience,” Says Ori. “Using Cinema 4D, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe programs like After Effects, I take what the architects draft and turn it into a 3D depiction. Then, I actually go to the finished sites and capture their work with real cinematography.”

Ori Matisse Evans

Since Ori has spent the last several years honing his cinematography skills with his own company Matisse + Mitchell, he brings an extra skillset to the industry.  

“Current 3D modelers and traditional CAD users don’t really understand the basics of cinematography,” says Ori. “This is where I’m hoping to improve the industry and create new avenues for clients to experience architecture.”

Dallas Designer Brings Floorplans Into the Future

Poonam Patel is the president, owner, and architect behind Urban Loop Studios, a Dallas design firm that creates custom environments for its clients to thrive in. With the advent of life-sized blueprints, Poonam is bringing a new perspective to floor plans.

With a walkthrough warehouse experience in Dallas, Urban Loop Studio’s interactive floorplans allow buyers to experience their spaces before spending big money to create them.

“My goal is always to help clients realize what their dream home looks like,” says Poonam. “But the challenge is that floorplans are not always easy to read. They’re even more difficult to experience.”

Dallas Designers like Poonam Patel are changing the industry
Poonam Patel

With her large-as-life walkthrough floor plans, Poonam is bridging the gap between imagined and experienced.

“As a designer,” Poonam says. “We’re trying to articulate intangible ideas and asking people to pay the most money they’ve ever spent on anything. And these things cannot easily be returned. It’s not like a Starbucks order gone wrong.”

Unfortunately, the traditional way to experience design before it’s built has always been limited to 2D floor plans.

“Trying to squeeze an entire house onto a tiny sheet of paper is a real challenge,” says Poonam. “For clients, it’s like learning a new language. What I try to do is be the translator. So what I’m trying to do differently from what the current market provides is bring these plans to life.”

Ready for What’s Next

With so many incredible advances already in play, it’s exciting to think about what could lie ahead. Thankfully, Dallas remains on the cutting edge of the industry.

“It’s a great city for great minds,” says Ori. “Look to our skyline and you see so much innovation. Dallas really embraces art, architecture, and creative thinking. This is merely the beginning.”



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