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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Dallas families concerned over conditions of local cemetery

Overgrown grass, damaged headstones and grave markers sinking in the ground are among issues families are complaining about at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery.

DALLAS — Some families are speaking out about conditions at a cemetery in southeast Dallas. 

“It’s just sad,” said Tabrasha Remmy.

People who have loved ones buried at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery are complaining about high grass, tall weeds, overgrown areas, shifting headstones, grave markers sinking into the ground and damaged trees among other issues.

“It looks abandoned. It looks like no one cares about it,” Devin Venters said.

Venters said his family’s owned plots at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery more than four decades. He began voicing concern to staff about the conditions in the cemetery after a recent visit.

“I was pissed off about the way this cemetery was being held. Because it doesn’t look pleasing at all. I’ve never seen it look like this,” Venters explained.

Venters said staff wouldn’t give him any direct answers. He felt as if workers were brushing him off.

Venters took photos of the overgrown grass, damaged headstones and other problems he observed and shared them with his followers on social media. Many people also echoed frustration about conditions they also claim to have observed at that cemetery.

“The most thing that hurt my heart the most, is that I could see someone’s liner that holds the casket. I could see the name of the lady in the ground. That really just did something to me. And it really didn’t sit well with me,” Venters said.

Tabrasha Remmy and Levera Clay also complained about issues around the area where their loved ones are buried.

“I have some aunts above this wall, we can’t find them, and they have headstones. And we know where their plots are, but we’re having a hard time finding them,” Remmy said.

Remmy and Clay said the conditions around their family members’ plots get so bad, they often bring their own weed trimmers to clear the area.

A representative from Lincoln Funeral Home and Cemetery, general manager J. Kirby Pulliam, claims the issues at the cemetery are weather related. He said the problems are due to recent flooding. Pulliam said staff is working to address the issues.

“It’s always an issue out here. This has been going on since ’07. We’ve been complaining,” Remmy said.

Families said they want action. They said they will continue speaking out until the cemetery is cleaned and all problems effectively addressed.

”Just because our parents and loved ones have passed away, we still love them. And we still want them to be treated with dignity and respect, even in the afterlife,” Venters said.


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