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Dallas: Halloween decorations being stolen from homes

Some neighbors across North Texas are urging residents to secure their Halloween decorations. Video shows suspected thieves taking a variety of items from yards.

DALLAS — Some families in North Texas are warning neighbors about suspected thieves targeting homes with Halloween decorations this holiday season.

Videos posted on a variety of social media sites show people stealing different types of decorations from outside homes.

Many people love Halloween. You can tell by the elaborate decorations on display around homes in communities across North Texas.

“We tend to go all out with this,” said Troy Skitt, of Dallas.

There are wreaths on doors, replicas of cemeteries and ghoulish monsters greeting guests in yards. 

“We enjoy when people come by and admire our stuff,” said Skitt, as he pointed out the decorations and details in his yard.

Skitt is among those who neighbors who look forward to setting the creepy atmosphere each Halloween. However, tales of monsters lurking in the night are not the only stories folks are talking about this holiday season.

Videos show how suspected thieves are creeping around communities and stealing decorations. 

Dallas resident Kate Eberhardt is among victims whose home was targeted. Video she shared on social media sites like Nextdoor shows an unidentified man grabbing a rare animated Elwood Bones, motion-activated, blues  harmonica playing skeleton from her porch. 

The man also took another decorative skeleton, before walking off with a second person waiting nearby.

Neighbors are concerned about similar cases of theft.

“We don’t want to see that happening in our neighborhood. And the amount of effort that we’ve put into this holiday – time, money, everything. It’s really disheartening to see that,” said Skitt. 

Many neighbors are taking precautions to protect their property. Police are urging others to do the same. 

“Secure your items as best as you can. We know that some items are going to be loose in your yard, or probably just hanging out on your porch. But secure them the best that you can. Also, have a well-lit yard,” said Officer Felicia Jones, of the Garland Police Department. 

Neighbors can also be vigilant in watching out for suspicious activity.

Police say many times theft crimes like these go unreported. They’re encouraging victims to speak up and report the incidents. 


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