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Friday, September 30, 2022
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Dallas named top ‘most unfaithful city’ in new study

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – In a new recent study, three Texas cities have been found to be the top 3 “Most Unfaithful Cities” by My Dating Advisor.

In order of the list, Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston were found to be in the top 3 positions.

St. Louis, Missouri; Nashville, Tennessee; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York City; Knoxville, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia and Washington D.C. round up the top 10 in the “Most Unfaithful Cities.”

Rankings from most unfaithful (1) to faithful (200)(MyDatingAdviser.com)

Using U.S. Census Data, the organization curated the list while also using population’s relationship satisfaction by looking at marriage, divorce, and separation rates.

The company also looked at the number of venues to meet for an affair and the volume of searches on Google for affair hookup websites was also considered for the rankings.

“While most would assume that bigger cities probably produce more cheaters per capita, this data shows us what we were already aware of; cheaters are everywhere, and infidelity can happen anywhere – in large cities and small ones,” said My Dating Advisor.

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