Dallas ransomware attack: Officials expect weeks to fully recover


The city is still trying to recover after a network attack on May 3.

DALLAS — Editor’s note: The video above is from a report on May 11, 2023.

The city of Dallas is still trying to recover from a ransomware attack that brought down network systems across the city’s departments.

In an update on Monday, May 15, the city said it could likely “take weeks to get back to full functionality.”

The attack happened on Wednesday, May 3, and has affected numerous network systems within the city and the police and fire departments.

A hacking group called “Royal” previously claimed responsibility for the attack.

When the attack happened, the city was immediately forced to take systems offline, which included the police and fire department’s computer-aided dispatch system and the police and city websites. 

The city also closed its municipal court’s system. The city’s development services, public works, permitting and zoning couldn’t take applications or payments, nor could permits be issued.

As of Thursday, May 11, the computer-aided dispatch system is partially back online. The websites have been restored. Development services can accept payments, issue permits and receive plans electronically.

However, the municipal courts still cannot take payments in person, online or by phone, according to the court’s website. It also says there are “no court hearings, trials or jury duty until further notice.”

On Thursday, officers were still having to handwrite reports. They couldn’t use their in-car computers to check license plates or check for warrants, and instead they had to rely on dispatchers to do it for them.

The city said the 911 system has continued to make calls through the network attack.

“There is still no indication that data from residents, vendors, or employees has been leaked,” the city said.