Daniel Jeremiah’s top 10 NFL draft winners from week of practice


Julius Brents, CB, Kansas State

Miami’s Tyrique Stevenson is my highest-rated cornerback here in Mobile, and he was really consistent on Tuesday and Wednesday before not participating in practice on Thursday. He can get a little too handsy in coverage at times, but he proved he can run with the all-star wide receivers. He’s a feisty player.

However, the corner that excited me the most this week was Brents. At 6-foot-3, 202 pounds, he’s loose and fluid for a big player at the position. South Carolina CB Darius Rush deserves a mention, as well. Stevenson, Brents and Rush are big, athletic guys who can make plays on the ball.

Sydney Brown, S, Illinois

Brown reminded me of a former Illinois safety we saw last year in the Senior Bowl — the Lions’ Kerby Joseph, who had a very good rookie season. They went to the same school and they both have great instincts, and big-time production. Brown trusted his eyes this week and it paid off.

Jake Haener, QB, Fresno State

There wasn’t a stellar group of quarterbacks in Mobile, but I thought Haener flashed the most of this year’s crop. The ball jumped out of his hands during practice, and he was accurate. He’s already shown he’s tough, coming back from an ankle injury last season and spearheading the Bulldogs’ run to a Mountain West championship. I think Haener’s stock could benefit from Brock Purdy‘s incredible run as a rookie after he was drafted with the final pick last year.

Daiyan Henley, LB, Washington State

The big test for Henley was how he would hold up in coverage against all-star competition. Well, he passed that test with flying colors. He’s instinctive and he can run. Henley has a chance to be a Day 2 (Rounds 2-3) pick.

Will McDonald IV, Edge, Iowa State

McDonald has been the best pure rusher here, with his combination of speed and the ability to bend at the top of his rush. There’s no doubt he has the top spin move of anyone at the Senior Bowl. I think he’s a lock to be a top-50 pick. He might even go in the first round when it’s all said and done. To me, he’s a better player than the Titans’ Harold Landry was back in 2018 as a prospect out of Boston College, and Landry went early in Round 2 (41st overall).