Dog Dad Lists the Funny Reasons His Golden Retriever Wouldn’t Survive in the Wild


He’s much better suited for domestic life.

We love to see happy, spoiled dogs as much as the next animal enthusiast, and this Golden Retriever definitely fits the bill. Teddy is no stranger to the finer things in life, thanks to his dad @aguyandagolden.

Because of all that spoiling, though, Teddy would never survive as a wild dog! Not that he’d ever need to, of course. Still, it’s oh-so-funny to think about the ways this pup differs from his undomesticated ancestors.

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LMAO! Oh Teddy, we love you exactly how you are. You might not be cut out for life in the wild, but that’s perfectly OK. We certainly aren’t either!

“Damn, that dog has a better life than me,” wrote commenter @nriley96. We’re on the exact same page! We’d love to spend our days being treated to toys and trips to the store, but we can’t all be as lucky as Teddy.

Viewer @shaniaskittles said, “I can just imagine him saying, ‘What? what do you mean there are no toys in the wild?'” LOL! No one tell him anything! Teddy is living in his own Golden world, and that’s exactly how it should be. Precious boys like him must be protected at all costs!

Besides, who would want to live in the wild anyway? All of the good stuff is right here! Just like @scw9497 wrote, “Teddy said ‘who needs to survive in the wild with a face like this?’” No one–that’s who! Especially with so many fans and a dad who spoils him endlessly, we have a feeling Teddy wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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