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Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Dr Fauci dismisses study that claims Moderna COVID shot is more effective than Pfizer

Dr Fauci dismisses Mayo Clinic study that claims Moderna COVID vaccine is more effective at preventing Delta variant infection than Pfizer rival

  • Fauci urged caution over the data, which he stressed is preliminary
  • Suggested fully-vaccinated people who’ve had Moderna shot less likely to catch COVID 
  • Research was conducted on people who caught COVID in Minnesota during June and July
  • Last week, FDA gave emergency approval for booster shots for some fully-vaccinated people who are medically-vulnerable  

Dr Anthony Fauci has dismissed a preliminary study whose findings suggest a Moderna shot is more effective at preventing a COVID Delta infection than a Pfizer one.

Asked about the study – done by biotech firm nfrench, which is based at the prestigious Mayo Clinic and Cambridge, Massachusetts, the White House COVID tsar said: ‘That study … is a pre-print study, it hasn’t been fully peer-reviewed.’

Speaking on CBS’s Face the Nation, Fauci added: ‘I don’t doubt what they’re seeing, but there are a lot of confounding variables in there.

‘I don’t doubt what they’re seeing, but there are a lot of confounding variables in there, about when one was started, the relative amount of people in that cohort who were delta vs alpha – right now, if we get boosters … it’s clear we want to make sure we get people, if possible, to get the boost from the original vaccine.’ 

The study was shared on medrvix last week – a site which publishes preliminary findings, before they have been peer-reviewed and rubber stamped.

Dr Anthony Fauci, pictured in July, has urged caution on claims Moderna’s COVID vaccine offers better protection against the Delta variant than Pfizers 

It was complied by monitoring samples of people who contracted COVID’s Delta variant – and what shot they had – in Minnesota from January to July. 

Fauci was also keep to dispute suggestions that this means Americans wanting to have a third ‘booster shot’ of a COVID vaccine should seek out Moderna’s injection.

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave emergency approval to a third booster shot of COVID for people who are immunocompromised or have certain underlying conditions.  



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