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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Drink loved by almost everyone slashes your risk of diabetes – here’s how much you’ll need to guzzle

DRINKING tea slashes diabetes risk by nearly a fifth, a study found.

Scientists say the antioxidants in a cuppa keep Type-2 diabetes at bay.


Scientists say the antioxidants in a cuppa keep Type-2 diabetes at bay

People who sink four or more brews per day lowered their risk of getting the condition by 17 per cent. One to three cups daily cut it by four per cent.

China-based study author Xiaying Li said the results were “exciting”.

The study, revealed at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes conference, used data from a million people.

The results showed drinking black tea — the British favourite — green or Oolong tea all gave a health boost.

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Scientists say antioxidants keep cells healthy and help absorb sugar.

Ms Li added: “Drinking tea is beneficial in reducing the risk but only at high doses — at least four cups a day.

“It is possible that components in tea such as polyphenols may reduce blood glucose levels. But a sufficient amount of these bioactive compounds may be needed to be effective.”

Type-2 diabetes, usually caused by carrying extra weight, affects around five million people in the UK.


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