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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Eight teams that should have made a deal before the 2022 NFL trade deadline

The 2022 NFL trade deadline brought a flurry of news, with 10 deals completed Tuesday, an NFL record.

With the deadline representing the final significant chance for general managers to upgrade their rosters before the stretch run of the regular season, clubs have gotten more aggressive in making moves. Sure, a few veteran free agents, like Odell Beckham Jr., will sign in the coming weeks, but those are few and far between. (Not every team can sign OBJ, despite rumors suggesting every contender seems in play.)

Now that the trade deadline is passed, clubs are mostly set. For better or worse.

We watched contenders like Philadelphia, San Francisco, Minnesota and Miami make maneuvers to position themselves for a January run. Others stayed silent.

With a mass of teams clustered in the middle of the standings, a handful of clubs could come to regret not consummating a trade this week, leaving questions that the coaching staffs will have to cover to make a playoff push.



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