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Monday, February 6, 2023
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FirstEnergy asks customers to conserve power

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CLEVELAND (WJW) — FirstEnergy and AEP are asking for help in conserving energy this holiday weekend as temps remain solidly below freezing across Ohio.

“PJM Interconnection, the electric grid operator for the region, is asking that customers take proactive steps to conserve electricity through 10 a.m. tomorrow, Dec. 25,” FirstEnergy said in a statement, noting that energy usage is up at this time due to weather and people gathering together.

FirstEnergy says they may have to take “additional actions if necessary, which may include the potential for short, rotating customer outages” if residents do not work to reduce their energy usage.

To stave off outages, FirstEnergy suggests putting home thermostats at lower temperatures, closing blinds and curtains and turning off any non-essential electric items, which they say includes holiday lights. People are also asked to refrain from using appliances like dishwashers, dryers and stoves.

AEP made all the same suggestions but didn’t mention holiday lights specifically in their statement, only saying to turn off “non-essential electric lights.”

“We are actively working with PJM and other regional utilities to minimize the impact of this event on our customers,” AEP’s Marc Reitter said in a statement. “We understand that cutting back on use of electricity can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, especially during the holidays. This is a necessary step to prevent broader power interruptions, and we appreciate our customers’ efforts.”

Those who have questions are urged to call FirstEnergy and/or AEP.


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