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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Help Save Afghanistan rally held in Dallas

A group of people marched through Downtown Dallas Saturday as part of a Help Save Afghanistan rally.

“We don’t want the Taliban. We don’t want the Taliban,” the group chanted

“We do not recognize the Taliban as a government. It’s brutal regime,” one person said.

A majority of the people at the rally were Afghan-Americans who are protesting the Taliban.

“They’re terrified. You see people clinging onto planes,” Sahar Salehi said. “I mean, we used to see the brutality of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, that’s just another branch of them.”

Salehi is a first-generation American whose parents fled Afghanistan to the United States when they were teenagers.

“The brutality sees no limits. There is not going to be a day-to-day life. No school for women. There’s no school for children. They’re just going back to almost like prehistoric stages, you know?” Salehi explained.

She still has family members in Afghanistan, including a cousin who sent her video of gunshots blasting in Kabul. That family member said those types of videos need to be seen.

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“You know, Afghans have been screaming for 40 years warning about the Taliban, and it took them eight days,” Salehi said.

The politics of the U.S. involvement is polarizing, to say the least.

“It all just depends on who you ask,” Salehi said. “I think it’s a situation that it’s not black or white and there’s no wrong or right answer, it’s just whatever’s best for the people and whatever we can do for the people there.”

For ones living in North Texas who see the chaos from afar, they want their loved ones and allies to know they stand with them against the Taliban.

“You won’t silence us. You won’t silence us. You won’t silence us,” the group chanted.

“There’s no life. I think it’s unfair to say what will life be like, there is no life,” Salehi said. “These are real people. These are real women, real children, real face. They’re real stories and no human being should live that way.”


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