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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Here’s how much employment claims decreased in Texas this week

DALLAS (KDAF) — Week-over-week unemployment claims in Texas have decreased.

This news comes as inflation remains highs and financial experts predicting a recession. This week, the CEO of Bank of America said he is predicting a ‘mild recession’ which is a more optimistic look at the state of our nation’s economy.

A new report from WalletHub has identified which states saw the largest decreases in unemployment claims. So, how is Texas doing?

According to the report, Texas saw a 32% decreased in unemployment claims this week. The report says that unemployment claims this week were 33% lower than the same week pre-COVID-19-pandemic. However, unemployment claism this week were about 2% higher than the same week last year.

This week Texas saw 74 unemployment claims per 100,000 people in the labor force.

For the full report, click here.


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