How India blew Australia away in Delhi – 110 balls of mayhem


R Ashwin began the collapse on the third morning before Ravindra Jadeja raced to a career-best 7 for 42, as Australia lost six batters to the sweep and reverse-sweep in Delhi. Here’s how the wickets fell.

12.6 edged, caught behind! Ashwin strikes early. Lovely delivery. Grips from around off stump, brings Head forward, shaves the outside edge into the keeper’s gloves | 65 for 2

18.6 huge appeal and given lbw! This looks good for Ashwin. Smith misses his sweep and calls the review. Only impact can save him. Well, it has turned a lot. Maybe going down leg? Certainly struck in line. Umpire’s call on leg stump! | 85 for 3

21.4 got him! Huge moment. This skids through low at the stumps, as in the first Test Labuschagne is caught playing back and has little chance of keeping that out. Takes the toe end | 95 for 4

22.6 another sweep and another lbw! Another talk between the batters and Renshaw reviews. Looked good live. Hits low down on the front pad. Not bat involved. Did get a good stride in…but it’s smashing middle half way up | 95 for 5

23.1 and another one goes! This is folding fast. Lovely bowling. Full at middle, takes the edge and is snaffled at slip. Very nice ball | 95 for 6

23.2 Jadeja strikes immediately after the drinks break. Full and sliding in from left-arm around, as opposed to turning away. Low bounce once again. Cummins still goes for a big sweep but misses the ball altogether. The crashes low into the stumps. Australia are seven down and sinking in Delhi | 95 for 7

27.1 Carey continues to trust his sweeps and reverse. These are his go-to shots, but this reverse doesn’t come off. Jadeja gets it to bounce over the bat and ping leg stump. Pushed through quicker, no real turn, Carey does not touch the ball. The leg stump is knocked out. Jadeja and India celebrate. Five-wicket haul for Jadeja | 110 for 8

29.5 Sixth wicket for Jadeja. Lyon slumps to his knees. Wide on the crease, on a length and angling into off, Lyon swings so very hard that he loses his shape and drags it back onto his own stumps | 113 for 9

31.1 Jadeja finishes Australia off with a seven-wicket haul. He holds the ball aloft and leads India off the field. No.11 Kuhnemann aims for the reverse-sweep, dares to take it from the stumps, but does not get enough bat on ball. He can only guide it back onto his own stumps | 113 for 10