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Huge menorah display lights up Dallas sky

“We can do something proudly, in our city, and nobody needs to be worried about it,” Rabbi Zvi Drizin told WFAA.

DALLAS — For 15 years, a Dallas rabbi dreamed of lighting up the sky with a light instillation representing a menorah.

This Hanukkah, his prayers were answered.

“This was the perfect year to finally get it together,” Rabbi Zvi Drizin told WFAA.

The spotlights are set up at the Jewish Community Center in Dallas. One light is illuminated on each night of Hanukkah, which concludes Sunday.

“[They’re] huge lights that go into space!” he said.

The instillation came at the perfect time, Rabbi Drizin added.

“At a time where there’s a lot of people talking a lot of nonsense about Jewish people in the public and on social media,” he explained.

“When you look up and see [the light instillation] in such a public way, it’s a beautiful thing to see that that this is who we are and we’re proud of it, and it’s safe and great here [in Dallas]”.

Drizin said he hopes when people drive past the lights, they see his community is proud to be Jewish, and proud to be in Dallas.

“I want you to see that light, a little bit of light pushes away a lot of darkness. and you can too be a light and beacon of hope for everyone around you,” he said.

“I think at the core level, Hanukkah is about miracles, and miracles period,” he went on.

“That there’s something that just transcends reason. That’s something that many Americans, and people around the world can relate to…this idea that there’s something beyond our own minds and reason, that there’s a God in this world and its beautiful. Its hopeful.”


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