Identifying These Early Signs Can Help Slow Down Cognitive Decline


Dementia can cause short-term memory loss

A set of symptoms that substantially impair memory, reasoning, and social skills are referred to be dementia when they significantly interfere with day-to-day functioning. Although there isn’t one particular illness that causes dementia, many illnesses can. 

Memory loss is a common symptom of dementia, but it can have many different causes. Memory loss alone does not necessarily indicate dementia, despite the fact that it is frequently one of the first symptoms of the illness. Read on as we list some of the early signs of dementia.

Watch out for these early signs of dementia:

1. Short-term memory loss

Dementia’s early signs can include memory problems. A person suffering from dementia might be able to recall things that happened in the past, but not their breakfast. Other alterations in short-term memory that may be present in a person with dementia include forgetting where they put things, having trouble recalling the reason they entered a room, and forgetting what they were meant to do each day.

2. Lack of interest

Early signs of dementia may include listlessness or lack of interest. A person suffering from dementia may grow disinterested in past interests or pastimes. They could no longer desire to go out or have fun. Additionally, they can stop wanting to hang out with friends and family, and they might come off as emotionally lifeless.

3. Poor sense of direction

With the onset of dementia, a person’s spatial orientation and sense of direction frequently begin to deteriorate. They might find it challenging to identify once-familiar landmarks and lose track of how to go to areas they used to have no issue finding. Furthermore, it could become more challenging to adhere to a set of guidelines and detailed instructions.

4. Feeling confused

Confusion is a common symptom of dementia in its early stages. They might struggle to identify people, recall the day or month, or pinpoint their location. Confusion can happen for a variety of causes and in a variety of contexts. For instance, people might lose their car keys, forget what will happen next in the day, or struggle to recall someone they just met.

5. Change in moods

With dementia, mood swings are also frequent. Although it could be difficult for you to identify dementia in yourself, you might detect this change in someone else. For instance, depression is typical in the early stages of dementia. Dementia patients may appear more afraid or worried than they did previously. If their typical daily pattern is altered or if they are placed in unusual circumstances, they may become quickly distressed.

6. Problems with language

Everyone occasionally has difficulties finding the right words, but a person with dementia may forget basic phrases or use inappropriate words instead, making it challenging to grasp statements. They might also have a hard time comprehending others.

7. Lack of proper judgement 

People occasionally make dubious choices, such as delaying visiting a doctor while they are feeling unwell. A person who has dementia, however, may face changes in judgement or decision-making, such as failing to recognise a medical issue that requires attention or dressing in bulky clothing on a hot day.

Keep an eye out for these early signs of dementia so you can follow necessary corrective measures. 

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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