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It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and Here Are 10 Fresh Baked Options Around Dallas

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Today is a good day for a mound of cookies.


It’s time to get your dessert on. There’s no better day to eat dessert before dinner than today, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. (We’re all looking for an excuse to eat sweets on a Tuesday, right?) Grocery store-brand cookies are not an option on this particular day, so we went on a cookie crawl to find the best chocolate chip cookies around North Texas. Following is a list of local favorite hand-made, soft center, crispy edges, gooey, gigantic, and delicious cookies in the city. There’s even a free cookie deal at Tiff’s Treats.

Surely one bite (or 17) won’t hurt.

Kookie Haven

337 W. Jefferson Blvd. (Oak Cliff)

click to enlarge Free cookies on Aug. 4! - MACEY REED

Free cookies on Aug. 4!

Macey Reed

If you’re anything like Ms. Kookie, founder of Kookie Haven, you like your cookies with lots of morsels, moist and full of mouth-watering deliciousness. This Oak Cliff gem is known for its array of dessert options. These are the kind of cookies you’ll want to run and tell your friends about, so be sure to get a dozen. To share or not to share?

Crumbl Cookies

6186 Retail Road, Ste. 110 (Lake Highlands)

click to enlarge Crumbl Cookies in that unmistakable pink box. - MACEY REED

Crumbl Cookies in that unmistakable pink box.

Macey Reed

We couldn’t write about National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day without including this now common household name, Crumbl Cookie. The iconic pink box holds what they like to call “world’s best chocolate chip cookie.” There may be a line when you go, but there’s no doubt the ginormous hand-sized cookie is worth the wait.

Cookie Society

9320 Dallas Pkwy., #160 (Frisco)

click to enlarge One of Oprah's faves. - MACEY REED

One of Oprah’s faves.

Macey Reed

Cookie Society, featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things 2020, lives up its national recognition and hype. Owners Marissa and Jeff Allen, a former NFL player, nailed this recipe. Each chocolate chip cookie has huge chocolate chip chunks, a crisp outside but gooey center to make each bite heavenly. The cookies are topped with flakes of sea salt, giving it the perfect touch to finish off this ultimate gourmet cookie.

JD Chippery

6601 Hillcrest Ave., (Snider Plaza)
A local favorite, JD Chippery has served its legendary chocolate chips cookies to customers since 1983. The family-owned business offers an assortment of scratch-made cookies and muffins. Each item is baked in small batches throughout the day to guarantee each treat is fresh. Go for the milk chocolate cookie if you like desserts on the sweeter side.

Tiff’s Treats

Multiple Locations

click to enlarge Feeling lucky? A free dozen of these babies could be yours. - MACEY REED

Feeling lucky? A free dozen of these babies could be yours.

Macey Reed

Here’s an all-day free cookie deal for you. Today, Tiff Treats is giving away free chocolate chips cookies in celebration of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Customers must be present to redeem the deal, and there’s a limit, one free cookie per customer. You can also get a cookie dozen for $12, instead of the normal price of $18. Cookie fanatics can follow Tiff’s Treats’ social media channels, where the Texas-based company is giving away 100 free cookie dozens now through Sunday, Aug. 8. The first 100 followers to redeem the code on the Tiff’s Treats App each day will receive a dozen free cookies (delivery fees may apply).

Unrefined Bakery

6055 Sherry Lane and 6464 E. Northwest Highway, Ste. 326 and several other locations

Combing through the list and looking for a gluten-free option? You’ll want to check out Unrefined Bakery, a 100% gluten-free bakery shop. They pride themselves in using only organic and non-GMO ingredients while also serving vegan and keto-friendly items. The soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies are one of the countless health-conscious desserts. (See photo at top).

The Cookie Rack

4333 Lovers Lane (Park Cities)

click to enlarge Why aren't more cookies topped with buttercream icing and ganache? - MACEY REED

Why aren’t more cookies topped with buttercream icing and ganache?

Macey Reed

What’s better than an oven-baked cookie? Some will say a cookie in its raw form. We couldn’t resist the urge to try this cookie dough cookie from The Cookie Rack. The rich cookie base is topped with cookie dough buttercream, chocolate ganache and mini chocolate chips – seriously all the good stuff. A beautiful cookie but also the sweetest, so don’t forget a tall glass of milk! Cookie dough lovers, this one’s for you.

Kessler Baking Studio

1129 N. Beckley Ave. (Oak Cliff)

click to enlarge You might go for just one, but you'll probably leave Kessler with a bag full. - MACEY REED

You might go for just one, but you’ll probably leave Kessler with a bag full.

Macey Reed

You may remember Kessler Baking Studio as the 2018 Best Bakery and its nod from the James Beard Foundation (semifinalist for outstanding baker). Clyde Greenhouse, also known as the Bow Tie Baker, owns the adorable boutique shop and is known for cooking some of the most scrumptious desserts. Scratch-made cookies are one of the many sweet treats here. Don’t be surprised if you go for a cookie and end up with a brownie, blondie or both — or those hot chocolate biscottis that are the work of some mysterious art.

Mary’s Mountain Cookies

3311-2 Preston Road (Frisco)

click to enlarge Just like Santa would want. - MACEY REED

Just like Santa would want.

Macey Reed

Colorado-based but locally owned in Frisco, Mary’s Mountain Cookies brings a level of comfort. The chocolate chip cookie tasted familiar — similar to Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies baked for Santa Christmas Eve but twice as large. The classic, traditional chocolate chip cookie taste never fails.

Insomnia Cookies

2656 Main St. (Deep Ellum) and 2422 Victory Park Lane

click to enlarge Insomnia Cookies delivers until 3 a.m. daily. - LAUREN DREWES DANIELS

Insomnia Cookies delivers until 3 a.m. daily.

Lauren Drewes Daniels

Imagine craving cookies at night, snapping your fingers, and there they are (almost literally but not quite). It could be dangerous. Or precisely what dreams are made of. For all our late-night dessert enthusiasts, Insomnia Cookies is your warm gooey sandman. They deliver hot-out-of-the-oven chocolate chunk cookies right to your doorstep as late as 1 a.m. It doughn’t get any better than that.


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