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Jim Kubiak: How Bills’ use of option concept could help boost offense | Buffalo Bills News | NFL

Play selection: 10 plays  seven passes, three runs.

Fromm: 3 for 7 passing, 20 yards, two sacks.

Daboll again made good use of the option concept with Fromm on his second, third, and eighth plays of his first offensive drive.

Here, on the second play, Fromm finds Hollister on his option route.

This is what I love about how Daboll calls the Bills’ offense. He uses the same concepts and often the same formations while inserting different personnel. This makes it easy for the quarterback to read because the plays are exactly the same, but it presents a different picture to the defense that might be trying to take away a specific player or area of the field.

Daboll came right back on the next play with another option route, this time for Tanner Gentry.

On second-and-10, Fromm missed this easy completion option route to his left and instead progressed to an outside throw to Marquez Stevenson, who dropped the football. 

In this instance, Fromm had an opportunity to take his first read, which was the option route to his left, but elected to go outside. Had he stayed in progression, he would have had an easy 6- or 8-yard completion and perhaps a third-and-3, rather than a third-and-10. Fromm was sacked on the next play. It never ceases to amaze me how razor thin the margins are for backup quarterbacks. Not taking the option route cost Fromm the ability to continue this drive.


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