Kanye West’s fortunes favour him on Yeezy 2023 sale?

Kanye West’s fortunes favour him on Yeezy 2023 sale?

Adidas finally gave the go-ahead to sell some of the tons of Kanye West-backed Yeezy, which are burying the company under losses.

Now, the speculation is running high about whether the Donda hitmaker would get royalties from the label sales.

Previously, the signed agreement between the sportswear giant and Ye was 15% on every shoe sold, according to Sportskeeda.

Contrary to rumors, the embattled CEO Bjørn Gulden was mum on the issue. But, the company’s boss previously said royalties would be given to the rapper whenever the sneakers were sold.

Meanwhile, Gulden said profits from the coveted brand sale would be donated to the charity.

However, fans are over the moon as they claim the polarised rap star has forced the multi-billion company to its knees.

Last October, the 45-year-old’s rampant antisemitism forced the company to cut ties with him.

Afterward, stark losses haunted the brand; as many as $1.3 billion of unsold Yeezys minus $534 million from operating profits this year.

Not to mention, the head honcho of the company also admitted West’s brilliancy in defending ties with him despite several reports of his ‘erratic attitude.’

“As difficult as he was, he is perhaps the most creative mind in our industry,” the chief executive said in the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

Several Grammy winner’s fans were jubilant and expressed their views on social media after Adidas rolled out its plan to sell Yeezys.

“Ye with the last laugh, now ya’all wake up,” one fan posted.

Another put, “Played chicken with Ye and lost.”

“They folded,” a third referenced to Adidas’ decision.

“Nobody is buying those sneakers without Ye co-signing it,” one enthusiast claimed.