Leading Off (1/30/23) – D Magazine


Winter Storm Watch Starts This Afternoon. This week, at least the first half, looks to be cold and wet and probably really not fun to drive in. (Ice driving/life reminder: steer into the skid.) Maybe don’t tomorrow, if you can avoid it. And I think 2020 and 2021 and probably a lot of 2022 showed us that we can avoid it. No more snow days! I guess! OK!

Kellen Moore Out as Cowboys Offensive Coordinator. In a move that surprised just about no one, the team parted ways with Moore, with head coach Mike McCarthy taking over as play caller. So 2023 is basically Super Bowl or bust for McCarthy.

Southwest Airlines Makes Saturday Night Live. Unless you are an up and coming sketch comedian or you are promoting a new movie, you really never want to show up on SNL.

Georgia QB Stetson Bennett Arrested in Dallas For Public Intoxication. Allegedly he was banging on doors early (very early) Sunday morning. Doing that in Texas, you’re probably lucky to only get arrested.


Zac, senior editor of D Magazine, has written about the explosion in West, Texas; legendary country singer Charley Pride; Tony…