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Letters to the Editor — COVID-19, Dallas, J. R. Ewing, guns, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, noise

Take the Medicaid help, Texas

Re: “Hospitalizations signal rising COVID-19 risk for seniors — Tough winter may be ahead with vaccination rates low,” Dec. 12 news story.

Thanks for running this story with the dreadful statistics about COVID-19 deaths for seniors. The seniors’ percentage of dying from COVID-19 keeps rising. I believe Medicaid is the only resort for seniors who have run out of money, but Texas still hasn’t taken the virtually free federal money that would alleviate the problem.

Here’s hoping the coming Legislature will override the governor’s political posturing on this life-or-death situation.

Gene Lantz, Dallas

Texas is getting friendlier

Re: “Don’t California my Texas — Too late. ‘Dalifornia’ started developing years ago, after shift away from a pro-business city government,” by Dallas Cothrum, Dec. 11 Opinion.

Cothrum complains that Dallas is filled with anti-business “Dalifornians.” Cothrum is basing his opinion on the fact it takes time to get land permits in Dallas.

An internet search will quickly show that Dallas is a good destination for businesses. It has a diverse business environment, no state taxes, a growing economy and incentives for businesses. What more could you want?

I moved to Texas when I was 13. I was so anxious to leave, I joined the military at age 17. Yet, fate brought me back to Texas three times. Thankfully, each time I came back, I found an environment that was friendlier.

It was not until I moved to the Dallas area 20 years ago that I really felt at home. Instead of being considered an outsider, I was welcomed. I could do things I enjoyed, including, brace yourself, Mr. Cothrum, eating vegetarian food (no chicken fried steaks, thank you).

I love living close to the metroplex. I’ll take the title of “Dalifornian” if you want. Just allow me to continue living in this vibrant area.

Judy Pelowski, Red Oak

J.R. would love it

Don’t fret, Mr. Cothrum. Using Texas’ sacred chicken fried steak to cloak the big-money business profits over the interests of Dallas citizens is about as home-baked Dallas as you can get. The true spirit of Dallas lives on. J.R. Ewing must be smiling at you from his grave.

Cliff Byerly, Little Elm

Texas marijuana law confusing

Regarding marijuana, the law is the law?

Is it reasonable for a state that does not fully enforce federal marijuana law to have an expectation that its municipalities must fully enforce federal marijuana law? Federal law provides that possessing marijuana with THC content of less than 0.3% is legal. In Texas, possessing marijuana for certain medical purposes having THC content of less than 1% is legal.

So Texas law violates federal law, by 300%. The Texas Legislature passed another law requiring all municipalities to fully enforce all federal marijuana laws. So, municipalities abiding by the state law are in violation of the federal law. The law is the law, or is it?

Harvey Ginsburg, San Marcos

Living safely requires regulations

Re: “Bad guys with guns,” by Frank Wagnon, Monday Letters.

I wonder if Wagnon read his own letter. He argues that to “restrict gun availability, make gun owners have insurance, make semiautomatics illegal, etc.” will not impact gun violence because bad guys don’t obey laws. He makes the flawed analogy that “we do not take cars from everybody because a few drive drunk.”

No, we don’t, but we do have numerous laws and regulations that attempt to make traveling on our roads safer for everyone — regulations such as those he listed for guns. No reasonable person would argue that laws regulating car ownership and driving should be scrapped because some people choose not to obey them. I want your guns similarly regulated so that all of us can live safely.

Carole King Krueger, Hartsville, S.C.

Rethink ‘good guys’ and guns

Wagnon’s definition of “good guys” is people who buy guns from stores and go through background checks while “bad guys” buy their guns off the street. All the perpetrators of mass shootings from the last several years — Uvalde, El Paso, Parkland, Santa Fe (Texas), Sutherland Springs, Colorado Springs, Orlando and others met Wagnon’s definition of a “good guy.”

Perhaps he would like to reexamine his definitions.

Mac Hopkin, Frisco

Patrick’s logic flawed

Re: “Don’t Touch Tenure — Under Patrick’s plan to cut or curb it, the best minds at Texas’ top research institutions would leave,” Dec. 7 editorial.

According to your editorial, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is “frustrated by the leftward tilt of our universities.”

Maybe I can explain it to Patrick using simple precepts of logic I learned in college: if universities require their professors to be highly educated (most hold doctorates), and universities tend to be leftward-leaning, then it follows that the more you learn/read/think, the more you lean left. What does this say about the Republican Party?

Apparently, Patrick prefers less education for our children, more banned books, and no critical race theory mentioned in public schools. Why? Is it so they will vote Republican?

Hans Voorn, Frisco

Who will enforce noise laws?

Re: “Other noisemakers,” by Joella Prause, Dec. 11 Letters.

I was glad to see the letter from Ms. Prause concerning noisy cars. Apparently there is someone else who shares my aggravation with the amount of noise pollution in our city. If you live anywhere within two blocks of a major thoroughfare, you will be constantly bombarded with screaming exhaust pipes, as well as raucous music blasting out of external speakers mounted in the grill or under the body of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, just like the laws concerning loud music or loud vehicles, the law the city council wants to pass to outlaw gas-powered lawn equipment will most likely not be enforced.

Chester Dow III, Dallas/North Oak Cliff

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