Letters to the Editor — State of the Union, Dallas Convention Center, teacher pay, animals


Normal and a Biden supporter

On Tuesday night, the president offered to work with Republicans for all Americans so we can all share in the benefits of being a strong and successful democratic country. The Republicans responded with a divisive message suggesting there are two types of people in America, normal and crazy.

I am normal and support President Joe Biden’s vision. I am normal and plan to respect all fellow Americans regardless of party. I am normal because I want a good future for my grandchildren. And if we all choose to be normal Americans and work together for our shared dreams and goals, we will be a strong and successful democratic country.

Elizabeth C. Knoop, Frisco

How far Congress has fallen

As a lover of history, I’ve read about occasions in Congress when propriety has taken a back seat to what the Founding Fathers would have expected regarding the nature of discourse in Congress. In 1858, the House had a brawl break out while in session, with the sergeant-at-arms wielding mace to restore order.

That said, the lack of decorum, courtesy and failure to act with at least a measure of intelligence during the State of the Union shows how far we have fallen. That the fate of our nation depends on the ability to work through issues for the best outcome by the representatives who acted like middle school children worries me greatly.

I have almost always voted Republican until the first defection in 2016 when neither of the presidential candidates met my standards for high office. I am concerned that this childish, boorish behavior is becoming the standard for office. To those members of Congress I request, do better.

Jay Martin, Pilot Point

Conventions go elsewhere

Re: “A day of renewal for Dallas — Investment in a better city begins today, with unveiling of plans for convention center, Fair Park,” Tuesday editorial.

Dallas is rich with money for improvements because of an increased hotel occupancy tax. With more than a billion dollars, so many options are available. Enhancing Fair Park was brilliant. Spending most of the money on a convention center is not.

Dallas is simply not the destination spot for conventions. In 2019, Dallas hosted the 51st, 115th and 126th largest conventions in the U.S. So, will the $1 billion bring us the 49th largest convention?

Look where conventions book: Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, Fla., and San Diego. Now ask, was that because they had a better convention hall?

David Pyke, Northwest Dallas

Teacher pay falls far behind

Re: “Teacher pay could test legislators — Proposal could bring salary conversation to the front of the classroom,” Tuesday Metro & Business story.

According to this story, teachers in Texas starting salaries average $51,000. Teachers with 30 years of experience average $20,000 more than this or roughly $71,000. The math is too basic but that comes out to about $666 additional salary each year.

My husband’s starting salary has more than tripled in about 30 years even with him changing career paths. Meanwhile, teachers are lucky to get 1% or 2% raises that aren’t even enough to cover the higher price of health insurance each year.

One would think a block of over 350,000 employees could get better prices on health care. That would be a major perk for the profession.

I am a high school counselor. I will retire in two years at my first opportunity unless our representatives in Austin give me a reason to stay.

Debbie Dominguez, Kaufman

Safety comes first for airlines

Re: “Testimony may offer answers — Official to tell Senate panel about steps taken since holiday fiasco,” Feb. 4 Metro & Business story.

Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., was quoted in this story, “Our nation’s largest airlines can’t even guarantee consumers that their flights won’t be delayed or canceled.”

That quote demonstrates their total lack of understanding about airline safety. Unlike motorists in Dallas, airlines delay or cancel flights during unsafe conditions like freezing rain or poor braking action due to ice. The senators should be applauding the airlines for their superb safety record and their refusal to operate in unsafe conditions rather than threatening to penalize them for doing the right thing.

Frank Wright, Dallas/Preston Hollow

Let’s unite to help animals

Re: “No justice for abused animals,” by Sharon Grigsby, Jan. 29 Metro column, and “At-risk animals lose after low-cost vet clinic is closed,” by Sharon Grigsby, Feb. 1 Metro & Business column.

Thank you for the timely and insightful — and painful — look at Dallas Animal Services’ needs. Loss of the SPCA’s working with the city because of funding is sad, as are the many cases of abused and neglected animals.

The accompanying article on Wednesday concerning the closing of the veterinary clinic also highlights the needs of our vulnerable animals — strays, pets, lost and abandoned. Grigsby writes with compassion and insight as she informs us as to what defines us as a city and a people. May we all get involved in our own ways to further the respect for the vulnerable.

Maryanne V. Pfeffer, Dallas

A gift from China?

Recently China celebrated its Lunar New Year. Among numerous event activities, it is a time when millions of Chinese people travel to renew family relationships. In this sense, it is comparable to the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S.

Aha, perhaps therein lies the misunderstanding. That surveillance balloon which held the U.S. population captive last week may have been a festive gift from China. It was intended to be part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. They just got the timing wrong.

Ed Kominski, Weatherford

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