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Letters to the Editor – Three cheers for Dallas Aquatics, a DMN column, a carrier

1 Dallas Parks and Recreation Aquatics — I would like to commend the city of Dallas’ aquatics department on a wonderful experience at Lake Highlands aquatic center. I “borrowed” an 8-year-old from a friend and we enjoyed the crystal-clear waters of three pools: one for little ones, one for the two slides and a big multipurpose pool with a large shallow end for my friend who was learning to swim.

There was plenty of shaded seating for onlookers. The lifeguards were attentive and free “loaner” life jackets were available in all sizes. We were surrounded by happy children.

Nothing says summer better than an afternoon under a blue sky in a cool pool. The cost? $3 per person. You can’t beat that for a summer treat!

Helen Stettler, Dallas/Lochwood

2 Column by Tyra Damm — Re: “Baby showers express optimism of new life,” by Tyra Damm, June 26 Comics & Puzzles column.

Thanks for the memories that came with reading this column and the chuckle that came along with my morning coffee. My mother smoked while pregnant, her OB-GYN gave her speed when she got sleepy and my brother was allowed to sleep with metal trucks in his crib. which I’m guessing did not have lead-free paint.

As the story goes, if my parents woke up during the night and couldn’t find me, they would look in the alley behind the apartment and find me sleeping soundly next to the generator — the sound would lull me to sleep. When my brother and I were teething, our teething rings were soaked in whiskey to ease our pain. Before anyone freaks out, calls to report my parents and worries about us, we’re fine!

We all survived, heck even thrived, and laugh about those stories today. Oh, one more that you may find amusing about my brother: He would throw himself off the top of the second-story stairs for fun and roll down them. Gates at the tops of stairs were not normal then, I guess but daredevil younger brothers were!

Perri Brackett, Lewisville

3 Dallas Morning News carrier — I usually find our paper right outside our powered garage door, easily accessible even on a rainy morning. Recently, at 3:35 a.m., it wasn’t there, so I stepped out to look further. What I saw were headlights. Our gentleman carrier could have launched the paper, as usual. Instead, he saw me, stopped the car, stepped out, came around its front, and cheerfully handed me our Sunday edition. Did I mention “gentleman?”

Charles Newby, Duncanville

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