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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Looking to book an acupuncture appointment in North Texas? Here’s everything you need to know

DALLAS (KDAF) — There is quite a bit of talk behind acupuncture in the U.S. With many people being deathly afraid of needles, it is hard for some to see the benefits of this alternative form of medicine.

So, in the spirit of journalism, Inside DFW host Jenny Anchondo went in the chair at Sanctum Med and Wellness in North Texas to try it for all of us and hopefully alleviate some of those fears.

“The goal here at Sanctum Med and Wellness really, as my training is western med, is to really incorporate Eastern modalities and complementary alternative forms of medicine to really make that interaction that I have with my patients and how they live their life outside of the exam room so much more robust and continuing to optimize their overall health,” Dr. Jessica Shepherd, owner of Sanctum Med and Wellness, said.

What specifically is acupuncture though?

“Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine. It’s an alternative modality that is truly about creating internal balance. Balance in your mind, as well as a balance in your body. In Chinese medicine, acupuncture, there’s something in our body called Meridian Lines, and there are a number of meridian lines. With acupuncture, through the needles, it’s helping create restoration in the different Meridian centers, or energetic centers of our body that allows the flow of energy to go and to move,” Dr. Edison Tai, acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Specialist, said.

This form of medicine isn’t just a tradition either. Dr. Shepher says that new research is giving insight into why this acupuncture is truly beneficial for our bodies.

“The research that is really giving the claims as to why acupuncture is so beneficial, especially when we’re thinking of chronic pain, and long COVID and fertility problems. So being able to use this modality as again, something that’s been researched, shown scientifically proven and the benefits and how it really works on the pathways, the neuronal pathways and regulating pain in patients who have that it’s profound, and I’m so glad they were able to join those two,” Dr. Shepherd said.

Watch the video player above for Jenny Anchondo’s full acupuncture procedure.

Learn more about Sanctum Med and Wellness by clicking here.



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