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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Man who smashed up Manhattan McDonald’s with ax busted again

The man who went on an ax-wielding rampage at a Manhattan McDonald’s has been busted again — this time for allegedly spraying-painting graffiti in Brooklyn and then swiping a pricey bike to try to flee cops.

Michael Palacios — who was caught on video smashing up the crowded fast-food joint on the Lower East Side during a beef with other patrons in September — was approached by police around 5:40 p.m. Sunday after he was seen spraying graffiti behind 69 Second Ave. in Gowanus, according to police sources.

The 31-year-old messenger ran and snatched a bicycle from in front of a coffee shop and tried to ride off before he was detained, sources said.

The blue bike, valued at $3,500, was damaged in the chase, sources said. Palacios of Manhattan was found in possession of graffiti paraphernalia at the time, according to sources.

While he was in custody, police also blamed Palacios for a graffiti incident in June at the Broad Channel subway station in Queens, sources said.

Palacios was charged with grand larceny, two counts of criminal mischief, possession of stolen property, making graffiti and possession of graffiti instruments. In connection with the summer graffiti incident, he was charged with additional counts of making graffiti and possession of graffiti instruments. 

Video of Palacios smashing tables and glass at a LES McDonald’s went viral last month.
Michael Palacios, 31,
Palacios, 31, was arrested again Sunday for alleged graffiti and bike theft.

He was released without bail Oct. 10, sources said.

After his violent outburst at the Delancey Street McDonald’s last month, Palacios told The Post he was not “unhinged” and that he was simply defending himself after being “pummeled” by some other customers during a misunderstanding over the bathroom.

“It’s not luck that they didn’t get chopped up. I didn’t chop them up because I didn’t want to,” said Palacios, adding that he carries the hatchet around with him for protection.

Cell-phone footage from the 2:30 a.m. incident shows three men smacking a smirking Palacios after a dispute. He waits still for moment and then calmly walks over to his backpack, pulls out an ax and threatens his combatants and smashes up the restaurant, according to the video.

At one point in the clip, he points the weapon at a frightened woman.

Michael Palacios armed with a hatchet at McDonalds
At one point during the altercation at McDonald’s last month, Palacios pointed the hatchet at a woman.
@kiddlite21 via McgooShakes/Twit

“Don’t be hanging out with punk-ass dudes because they’re going to get you into problems like this,” Palacious said he told her.

“And after that, I shook her hand,” he said. “I understood it was a very intense situation, a lot of drama going on.”

Palacios, who had lost his job at a brewery the day before, left the McDonald’s on his bicycle after the incident but was arrested by cops nearby.

He was arraigned on charges of criminal mischief and weapons possession and released without bail in the case, Manhattan prosecutors said.


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