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Many questions remain unanswered in death of Dallas mother of 3, Alyssa Thomas

A 32-year-old Dallas mother of three was laid to rest this weekend, with police saying her death is unexplained.

Friends said they reported Alyssa Thomas missing earlier this month, and then made it their mission to find her.

Dallas police have not identified any suspects in this case, only saying this is an unexplained death. 

A group of Thomas’ friends focused their worry on trying to find her, and they said they aren’t going to stop until they figure out exactly what happened.

“I haven’t slept yet. I haven’t closed my eyes,” Thomas’ friend, Lavina Brown, said.

Brown remembers the long, tiring journey of looking all over North Texas for her friend of more than 10 years.

From handing out flyers, to tracking down where Thomas may have been, in what turned out to be her final moments. 

“I had flyers all over Dallas, on every gas station pump,” Brown recalled. “When you pull up, you will see her.”

Sunday afternoon, Brown met FOX 4 at the spot in South Dallas where she said she and a group of friends found Thomas’ body during their own search two weeks ago. 

Now, a cross and flowers are left behind.

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“I want to know what happened to her. I want to know why,” Brown said.

Brown said the last time she spoke to Thomas was on September 29.

By October 3, Thomas had been reported missing to Dallas police. 

Brown said Thomas borrowed her roommate’s car that weekend. 

So Brown and others tried to retrace Thomas’ steps using location data from the car. They searched remote locations in Mansfield, Rowlett, Garland, and Dallas. 

“From the 3rd, the 4th , 5th, 6th of October,” Brown recalled. “By the 6th, we got a call they located the vehicle.”

The borrowed white Kia had been sitting at an impound lot since October 4.

Brown said she learned the vehicle had been towed from an address in Addison. 

So Brown and her friends were able to view security video from the area on the night the Kia was towed. 

In the video Brown showed FOX 4, the white Kia entered the parking lot, and then two people Brown didn’t recognize got out of the car.

Thomas was nowhere to be seen.

“They both split up and go opposite directions,” Brown said.

At that time, Thomas’ body still hadn’t been found. 

Then, on October 15, Brown and a group of friends searched a vacant lot off Cedardale Drive, near I-20 and Bonnie View, which is where one of the last locations where the white Kia was pinged. 

“And I just froze,” Brown recalled.

Brown found Thomas’ body with barely any clothes about a mile back in the brush. 

The medical examiner confirmed it was Alyssa Thomas, but her cause of death is still pending.

Dallas police said they’re investigating this case as an unexplained death. 

“I just want justice for Alyssa. I am not going to stop until we get justice for Alyssa,” Brown said. 

Brown said she’s in contact with police in Addison, Rowlett, and Dallas trying to get answers. 

Thomas leaves behind three children, two 13-year-old twins and an 11-year-old.

Her funeral was held Saturday. 



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