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Movie Fans, We Present The Tron House

I can safely say you’ve never seen anything like the Tron House. It boldly goes where no house has gone before. Wrong movie, but you get it.

The Tron House

The 2010 film Tron: Legacy is about the son of a virtual world designer who goes looking for his father and ends up in a world that his father designed.

… father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe.


The Tron House

This dystopian world was the inspiration for Michael Shaun Jackson Acquiesce to create a home like no other in Dallas. The futuristic house was completed in fall 2020, in the midst of another dystopian world, the pandemic. Perfect timing as there is little need to ever leave the Tron Home. It has everything and quite a bit more.

The Tron House

The creator and his wife, Andrea, a software engineer, never planned to move, so they spared no expense and indulged their wildest creative imaginations. Michael is in the construction business and loves exotic cars, as showcased by the living room’s design. One of the walls incorporates the three-car garage and offers a clear view of his Ferraris.

Of course, that’s only one feature. Book-matched porcelain slabs over the fireplace are reminiscent of a Rorschach inkblot test. I see Darth Vadar. What do you see? The other jaw-drop feature is a 75-inch Sony television that ascends from the floor. Note the serpentine custom sofa designed for the room. Most of the furniture is custom designed.

The Tron House
The home office overlooks the show garage.
The Tron House

The Tron House kitchen design is taken from the film’s hovering vehicle known as the Recognizer. In addition to furniture designed by Michael, you’ll find Murano glass chandeliers, Italian porcelain floors, a 1980s speakeasy with turquoise tufted walls, zebra print carpet, pinball machines, and a Versace-inspired principal suite. But, of course, the bathroom is what will keep everyone buzzing. There is a floating vanity. LED lighting and a tub surrounded with fire glass. Press a button, and the walls around the toilet become opaque for privacy.

The Tron House
The Tron House has 4,853 square feet, with three bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The fun does not stop when you head outside. There is a Ferrari-themed dining space with bright yellow chairs and an equally bright sofa — a sunken conversation pit with a fireplace and a television in a faux hedge.

As much as they love their unique Tron House, creating it gave Michael the drive to do it again. We cannot wait to see which movie inspires his next build!

The house is in Elm Thicket-Northpark, a historic neighborhood undergoing gentrification in a big way. Josh Nimo is constructing a three-story contemporary next door, and another modern build is in process across the street. While this is a home for a specific buyer, Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s listing agent Pogir Pogir said he already has people flying into Dallas to see the Tron House. “The whole house is an immersive experience,” Pogir said.

Pogir has the Tron House at 5025 Wateka Drive listed for $3.96 million.


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