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National firm three launches studio for interior architecture and design: *cura interiors* |

DALLAS, Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Following the recent addition of Sarah Bay, RID, IIDA as Director of Interior Design, national architecture firm three (threearch.com) has announced the formation of cura interiors, a studio devoted designing inspiring environments for workplace settings and clubhouses.

According to Bay, the new studio leverages three‘s decades of experience to expand the mission to create “design that lifts the human spirit.” Founded on the same core principles that made the Dallas firm a nationally recognized architectural practice in hospitality and senior living, cura interiors will apply three‘s unique client engagement process to interior design for commercial offices and leisure spaces.

Bay’s team will lead clients through a discovery process for each project, resulting in designs that take their cues from feelings and emotions the environment is intended to elicit.

“This process produces transformative experiences in any kind of built environment, including leisure spaces and workplaces,” says Bay. “Applying this approach to workplace design may seem surprising, but the increased demand for more sustainable, design-rich and enjoyable offices and headquarters has accelerated in recent years.”

According to Bay, today’s employees value well-designed environments in which they feel comfortable, healthy, and productive, and discerning employers competing for highly skilled recruits have learned that a hospitality-inspired design approach can help realize appealing, cutting-edge workplaces – helping to attract and retain top talent.

Hitting the ground running, cura‘s first major project is the complete redesign of the clubhouse for Pinnacle Golf Club, a residential-recreational community southeast of Dallas. Other notable accomplishments for Bay with previous firms include a major headquarters expansion in Westlake, Texas for a national insurance company.

“Cultivating the cura interiors offering is the natural next step for our growth,” says Gary Koerner, AIA, three‘s president and senior designer. “And Sarah is the right person to lead it, bringing to her design work an abiding appreciation for each client’s unique vision, an impressive depth and breadth of experience, and a vibrant, holistic approach to design.”

Details on cura interiors can be found on the just-launched website curainteriors.com. For information or interviews, please contact C.C. Sullivan.

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With more than thirty-five years of experience in the four and five star hospitality/senior living industry, three is regularly recognized by top industry awards for “best in class” designs, worldwide.  For more information, please visit www.threearch.com or call (214) 559-4080

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