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Nationals ship off 30 percent of roster while talking about the future – The Athletic

General manager Mike Rizzo sat in a Nationals Park interview room Friday afternoon, his diamond-encrusted 2019 World Series ring on his left ring finger a reminder of everything his organization has accomplished since he took over baseball operations in 2009.

More than 1,000 regular-season wins, four division titles, one wild-card berth and the championship that secured the 14-karat white and yellow gold piece of jewelry he wanted to use as an example.

“Our goal is always to do this,” he said during a videoconference, then held his left hand up to the webcam recording him and pointed to the ring. “To win the World Series. Win a ring.”

Rizzo spoke with reporters not long after the Nationals’ busiest trade deadline ever came to a conclusion with another flurry of moves. In the hours before Rizzo addressed his franchise’s decision to rebuild, the blockbuster trade of stars Max Scherzer and Trea Turner to the Dodgers was not the only one finalized. There was also the swap of World Series champion catcher Yan Gomes and super-utility man Josh Harrison to the Oakland Athletics for three top-30 prospects and the trade of veteran pitcher


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