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OOPS! Fan Comes Close To Snagging Aaron Judge’s 61st Homer, But Then…

New York Yankees superstar slugger Aaron Judge tied an American League record when he hit his 61st homer of the season on Wednesday night.

And at least one fan will never forget the moment, but for all the wrong reasons: He almost caught the ball, which no doubt will be worth some bucks.

The fan was among several sitting in the outfield with gloves, ready to catch the historic ball. When it came their way, he reached out… appeared to get his glove on it… and then it dropped:

Judge tied Roger Maris’ 1961 record with the seventh-inning blast, which put the Yankees ahead in a game they would ultimately win. The single-season Major League record is held by Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants, who hit 73 in 2001.

Replay footage shows the fan going through a range of emotions, none of them good:

The ball was ultimately caught by Blue Jays bullpen coach Matt Buschmann. His wife, sportscaster Sara Walsh, wrote on Twitter: “Bad news is I’m down here in Florida battling a hurricane, but the good news is I can announce my retirement….”

When Buschmann handed the ball over to the Yankees, she added an update:


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