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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Put Those Nick Foles Trade Proposals on Hold Because Carson Wentz is Positioned For a Week 1 Return

When Colts quarterback Carson Wentz was shut down indefinitely with a foot injury that had a timetable of up to 12 weeks to return, the idea of Nick Foles taking a trip down the interstate, across the Indiana border, and into Indianapolis made so much sense.

But eight days having surgery to repair the injury, Indy is receiving good news from the injury front:

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports Wentz is trending in the right direction after surgery. So much so, there is a belief he could be available for Week 1 against the Seahawks. Same for all-world lineman Quenton Nelson, who coincidentally had the same injury and also underwent an operation for repair. The Athletic’s Stephen Holder adds that Wentz was seen at practice without a boot or an “obvious limp.” So, in other words, things are looking encouraging for the Colts.

Which means things aren’t looking so great if you were a Bears team hoping to unload Nick Foles on his former offensive coordinator.

I suppose there is good news here. But only if you’re willing to look for it. Find a positive in Foles being available for the Bears to aid in Justin Fields’ development. And when he isn’t doing that, Foles can help fellow third-stringers trying to make the team. To be clear, this isn’t where the Bears wanted to be with Foles more than a year after trading for him. However, the team might as well get whatever value it can while it can. Whether it’s in the form of lending a helping hand to QB1-of-the-future. Or being a guiding light for some down-the-depth-chart pass-catcher. Every little bit could be helpful this time of year. The QB3 role is a thankless job. One that belongs to Foles until further notice.


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