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Rachel Bush reveals how Jordan Poyer drove 15 hours with a collapsed lung to play the Chiefs

Details have emerged of the incredible journey that Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer made to ensure that he could play against the Kansas City Chiefs at the weekend.

Being diagnosed with a resolving pneumothorax, more commonly known as a collapsed lung, should be enough to make anyone think that they might not be doing much sport at the weekend.

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That becomes even more so the case when you’re told that you cannot fly to Kansas City, where your team are playing, as it is not medically safe to be in the air.

Poyer though, made it to Kansas by other means and then also played for the Bills in their NFL game, which they won 24-20.

The 15-hour drive to Kansas for Jordan Poyer

He decided to make the 15-hour journey from Buffalo by car just to ensure he was able to help his team.

He was joined by his wife, Rachel Bush, and their five-year-old daughter for the long road trip.

To make it work, they were provided with a sprinter and a driver by the Bills and had to stop overnight in Indianapolis each way.

“On the way there and on the way back, me and my daughter joined him,” his wife said, speaking to Total Pro Sports.

“We had a driver for a sprinter so that was nice at least. The Bills got him that.

“We stopped in Indianapolis both there and back.

“It was a long drive for one night, with a five-year-old too, but he’s a trooper.”

Should Jordan Poyer have played with a collapsed lung?

Bush did show some concern about Poyer playing with a collapsed lung.

“What obviously worries me the most was him playing in his condition, with both the lung issue and rib,” she said.

“I was just ready for that game to be over with for the first time ever.

“It didn’t seem like [Patrick] Mahomes wanted to target him though!

“There was very little action for him, for once, thank God.

“Everything went great. He got out of there healthy and that’s all I could ask for.”


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