Steppin’ For a Cure 5K event to be held in Dallas to raise funds in fight against cancer


A retired Dallas police officer and breast cancer survivor is inspiring a 5K event, Steppin’ for a Cure, to fight against cancer.

“Back in 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and at that time, the Dallas Police Department and the law enforcement community came along and wrapped their arms around me,” LaCrondia Ellis Rhines recalled.
Rhines remembers her first surgery and who was there to support her.  

“When I was getting ready for chemo, Sgt. West was there with me. Blue Goes Pink is her baby, it started in her mind,” she said.

She’s talking about Wanda West, who’s one of the organizers of next week’s fundraising walk, Steppin’ For a Cure.

The 5K event – which is being held Saturday, September 23, in Winfrey Park at White Rock Lake in Dallas – is meant to bring awareness and raise funds that are going to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Rhines said Blue Goes Pink is about bridging the gap between law enforcement and those suffering with cancer. 

“There is a saying, back the blue, well now the blue is backing others and so we are giving back,” she said. “It’s just a great feeling to see that and to know that you are not alone, no one fights alone.”

Rhines shared that it was a difficult during her journey to accept help. 

“I was embarrassed to tell you the truth. To even let people know that I needed help, but I was so fortunate that I had such good friends within the law enforcement community that I didn’t really have to ask,” she said.

She leaned on her faith during her most difficult times.  

“I believe that this thing was happening to me for a reason, and I said this is the first time in my life that God has let something this serious affect me. So I knew that he had something greater for me,” Rhines said.

Something greater that blossomed into not just receiving help, but offering support in return.

“The love that was given to me, I can now help give back to others in a mighty way, in a powerful way,” she said. 

Rhines shared what it was like to see the police help bring awareness to a cause so close to her.

“As a survivor, overcomer, it makes me proud to see that I had them in my corner,” she said.

The Dallas Police Department is urging people who want to participate in the walk to sign up ahead of time.