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Texas cities ranked the best and worst in the US for dessert lovers

DALLAS (KDAF) — Everyone has a sweet tooth, now, yours may not be as prominent as your neighbor’s but it’s in there somewhere. The best and only way to help your sweet tooth is simple, eat or drink something sweet!

The holiday season is approaching fast as one of the best holidays for sweet tooths, Halloween will be filled with so many people’s kryptonite, candy. Once that’s over, it’s time for desserts-galore at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Have you ever wondered what cities you should consider living in if one of your top factors would be to satisfy your sweet tooth? Well, a report from Lawn Love has that answer for you in their report of 2022’s best cities for sweet tooths.

“We compared the 200 biggest cities based on 18 metrics. We looked for cities with plenty of candy, cookie, chocolate, and dessert shops. We also considered the number of baking classes and local winners of national pastry, pie, chocolate, and baking awards,” the report said.

While some cities slipped a lot further down than others on this list, here’s how the state of Texas fared in this report:

  • Dallas, 37
  • Austin, 40
  • McKinney, 46
  • Frisco, 51
  • Plano, 58
  • Irving, 59
  • Houston, 65
  • Carrollton, 69
  • Grand Prairie, 88
  • San Antonio, 93

The report said, “Spread-out Southern cities like Atlanta (No. 29), Dallas (No. 37), and Austin (No. 40) deserve a shout-out. With these cities’ sprawl, you might need to drive across town for dessert — but it’s probably worth it. The James Beard Foundation recently awarded several dessert makers in these cities, and The International Chocolate Salon recognized chocolatiers in Austin and Dallas.”

Rankings continued:

  • Garland, 102
  • Pasadena, 107
  • Arlington, 129
  • Mesquite, 136
  • El Paso, 149
  • Fort Worth, 158
  • Waco, 170
  • Amarillo, 173
  • McAllen, 180
  • Denton, 183
  • Laredo, 184
  • Corpus Christi, 188
  • Killeen, 189
  • Lubbock, 192
  • Brownsville, 193
  • Midland, 195


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