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The Gold Standard: A lifelong North Baton Rouge man is revitalizing his community one step at a time

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Bryon Washington wants the Scotlandville area to thrive just like other parts of Baton Rouge.

Washington calls himself a champion for the community.

“From History, culture, economic development, healthcare, education you name it but at the end it’s community advocacy and community champion,” said Byron Washington cultural activist.

Washington said there is so much potential in the Greater Baton Rouge area just waiting to be tapped into.

“There’s not one way to get out of it and if there was a blueprint already to how to get out of it would’ve already been done. So, we are literally building the ship as we are sailing on the sea,” said Washington. 

Washington is the founder of Scotlandville Saturdays. He wanted to create spaces where entrepreneurs can grow, and artists can create. 

“The socializing, they see people talking about the events of the week or the month, listening to music, kids playing, and having games, if not just for a moment to have a time to be out in the community, to change that narrative that sometimes we see that’s not as reflective of the heart of the people in the community. There really is something that we really want to strive for to showcase our culture to the people,” said Washington.

He said changing perspectives and minds has been the biggest challenge in changing the area. It’s work Washington said he is willing to put in to ensure future generations have a better way of life.

“They’re going to grow up in a whole different world than we have and they want to take that baton and change that world for their kids and their grandkids.,” said Washington

As for the people who believe his work is in vain, he says the proof is what you see with your own eyes.

“If I spend my time trying to address the naysayers then I wouldn’t get the job done. The results are there and when I say I it’s not me necessarily but it’s everyone,” said Washington.


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