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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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The Yankees’ Joey Gallo trade just got a little bit better

The Yankees will be receiving more than Joey Gallo and Joely Rodriguez from the Rangers – Texas also is paying both players’ salaries the rest of the season, The Post has learned.

That is not insignificant, as the Yankees’ aim clearly is to remain under the $210 million luxury tax threshold and they were projected at about $206 million before this deal. For purposes of the tax, Gallo would count about $2.3 million and Rodriguez $1.03 million.

Joey Gallo is being traded to the Yankees.
Joey Gallo is being traded to the Yankees.
Getty Images

With Texas taking on the rest of the 2021 salaries, the Yankees still have some financial wiggle room and adhere to marching orders to stay under the threshold.

The Commissioners Office has to approve all expenditures over $1 million in trades and the deal was put in MLB’s hands for its approval late Wednesday night. It is expected to be made official some time Thursday. When it is, the Yanks will be receiving Gallo and Rodriguez for prospects Ezequiel Duran, Trevor Hauver, Glen Otto and Josh Smith. 


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