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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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There’s a 56 Percent Chance Your Garbage Collection Day Changes Next Week

If you live in Dallas, there’s a very good chance that next week you will have a new garbage and recycling collection day, and there’s also a chance you may not have heard about it.

In August, the city’s sanitation department completed a route efficiency evaluation, and ultimately came up with a re-route that will change collection days for about 56 percent of Dallas residents. Regular recycling and garbage collection will happen five days a week, and sanitation crews will work 8 hours a day. Currently, crews pick up four days a week, and work 10-12 hour days, using two other days (Wednesday and Saturday) to catch up if they were not able to collect in certain neighborhoods.

If you pay your water bill using autopay, you may have also missed the post card that was mailed explaining all of this. Residents who still get a paper water bill received an explainer with that notice. The city also shared the news on its social media accounts, a memo to the city council says.

The hope is that the new routes will allow more time for maintaining equipment and make sure it’s being used most efficiently. It will also save on fuel and reduce emissions because it will reduce how often trucks need to travel to and from transfer stations and the landfill.

Need to find out if your day changed? Check here.


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